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Vinipad is a solid platform, a real success...


Vinipad achieves an increase of at least 15% in wine sales. Read more

Stock control

It only displays those products available in stock and warns you when a minimum number of units is reached. Read more


Vinipad adapts to your business image maintaining its corporate entity. Read more


Your business obtains a modern and updated character by introducing new technologies. Read more

Mediatic impact

Whoever tries it comes back for more. It has been proved that thanks to Vinipad you will draw new clients to your business. Read more


Vinipad produces consumption reports and statistics; you will learn about your client's preferences. Read more

Greater stock rotation

Vinipad increases the rotation of your products, opening new business opportunities. Read more


No matter where your business is located, Vinipad is a multilingual application. Read more

and much more...

Thanks to the visual experience provided by Vinipad and its display, the client chooses the wine for its appeal and oenologic value, overshadowing its price. This translates into a more open consumption somewhat careless of the price.
You may make all the changes you need in your menu, saving on printing expenses and having your menu always up to date.
You may highlight those products you deem necessary, will have the flexibility to establish marketing strategies, even close deals with suppliers in exchange for having their products highlighted.
By being on our Vinipad platform, your venue will be published on our web, as will be on the future Vinipad Tasting Notes platform.

Vinipad is a solid platform, a real success...

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